ASSEMBLE Protocol collaborates



which cumulatively have a total

of users,

store shopping malls,

and club affiliates.
Mobile Fashion Curation Commerce Platform
  • App Downloads: More than 2.35 million
  • Members #: More than 530,000
  • MAU:More than 310,000
  • Shopping Mall #: Above 3,500
  • Shopping Mall monthly traffic: more than 15.1 million
Club Ticket Sales O2O Platform
  • App Downloads: More than 510,000
  • Members #: More than 220,000
  • MAU:More than 60,000
  • Partnering Clubs: Above 180
  • Ticket Downloads: Around 16,000,000


ASSEMBLE Protocol is a blockchain-based global point integration platform.

The basic idea behind the ASSEMBLE Protocol is to provide its users an unrestricted opportunity to use their points, similarly as
they use cash, anywhere in the world without any time or place constraints. And to enable point providers and ASSEMBLE
partners a pool of opportunities to further expand their businesses and an access to a rich pool of users.

Key Feature


ASSEMBLE Platform is fundamentally build upon three key components: Point Exchange, MarketPlace, and Data Infra.



Exchanges & Custody services