Assemble your Points
on the Blockchain
Integrate your diversified points
into a single asset,
which you can manage with ease.
  • 2,800,000+Total Download
  • 750,000+Total Users
  • 3,500+Shopping malls
  • 180+Club affiliates
The ASSEMBLE Protocol
Collaborating with. and ,
which have a cumulative total of 754,990 users,
and work with 3,590 shopping malls and 181 affiliated clubs.
Mobile Fashion Curation
& Commerce Platform
  • App Downloads: More than 2.35 million
  • Members: More than 530,000
  • MAU: More than 310,000
  • Participating Shopping Malls: More than 3,500
  • Shopping Mall Monthly Traffic: More than 15.1 million
O2O Platform for Club Ticket Sales
  • App Downloads: More than 510,000
  • Members: More than 220,000
  • MAU: More than 60,000
  • Partnering Clubs: More than 180
  • Ticket Downloads: Around 16,000,000
Point Integration
Points can be utilized in a variety of ways by users.
Point providers are given additional business
expansion opportunities and a rich pool of users.
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Point Usage
Use your points at the ASSEMBLE Market.
There you can purchase a variety of products with your integrated points.
Payment data is stored on the blockchain and can be used to run ad campaigns.
Go Shopping
  • Home Appliances/
    Digital Appliances
  • Beauty Products
  • Fried Chicken/Pizza
  • Convenience
  • Cosmetics
  • Other Gift
Point Exchange
Various points can be integrated and converted
into a single ASM Token. Integrated points can
than be exchanged for cash in a simple process.
Key Feature
  • Point Exchange
    ASSEMBLE provides an opportunity to exchange various points for a single token. The various points can be integrated and converted into a single ASM Token or can be cashed out through a simple process.

    When a consumer incurs payment for a product and receives points from the point provider, the customer can then exchange the collected points for ASM Tokens at the ASSEMBLE Platform's PX.
  • Marketplace
    The MP is a place where product transactions occur with ASP Tokens. Consumers can purchase products from the seller under fair conditions. Moreover, consumers may earn additional rewards through community participation or by leaving reviews about their post-purchase experience.
  • Data Infra
    The ASSEMBLE platform will have a data infrastructure. Consumer data is accumulated in the database, and advertisers can effectively run advertisements based on the data.
Custody & Exchanges