Assemble your Points
on the Blockchain
Integrate your diversified points
into a single asset,
which you can manage with ease.
  • 2,800,000+Total Download
  • 750,000+Total Users
  • 3,500+Shopping malls
  • 180+Club affiliates
The ASSEMBLE Protocol
Collaborating with. and ,
which have a cumulative total of 754,990 users,
and work with 3,590 shopping malls and 181 affiliated clubs.
Mobile Fashion Curation
& Commerce Platform
  • App Downloads: More than 2.35 million
  • Members: More than 530,000
  • MAU: More than 310,000
  • Participating Shopping Malls: More than 3,500
  • Shopping Mall Monthly Traffic: More than 15.1 million
O2O Platform for Club Ticket Sales
  • App Downloads: More than 510,000
  • Members: More than 220,000
  • MAU: More than 60,000
  • Partnering Clubs: More than 180
  • Ticket Downloads: Around 16,000,000
Point Integration
Points can be utilized in a variety of ways by users.
Point providers are given additional business
expansion opportunities and a rich pool of users.
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Point Usage
Use your points at the ASSEMBLE Market.
There you can purchase a variety of products with your integrated points.
Payment data is stored on the blockchain and can be used to run ad campaigns.
Go Shopping
  • Home Appliances/
    Digital Appliances
  • Beauty Products
  • Fried Chicken/Pizza
  • Convenience
  • Cosmetics
  • Other Gift
Point Exchange
Various points can be integrated and converted
into a single ASM Token. Integrated points can
than be exchanged for cash in a simple process.
Key Feature
  • Point Exchange
  • Marketplace
  • Data Infra
Custody & Exchanges